The DST Board of Directors—Departures

Adama Hamilton | Amorah Quan Yin | Dolphin Star TempleAdama Hamilton (Oregon, USA) is departing from the board. Adama was the first student to totally complete Amorah’s training and apprenticeship program becoming her very first certified PLI and FSP instructor. He was also one of the original members of the Board of Directors of the Dolphin Star Temple. Adama traveled and assisted with Amorah extensively. He has also taught and led workshops and trainings in Europe, Canada, Japan and the US. Adama has also trained with Dr. Ron Kurtz, the founder and teacher of Hakomi Therapy. Dr. Kurtz has named and entrusted Adama as one of the 7 Legacy Holders, to carry forth his life’s work and the refinements of Hakomi at its highest level in its most refined state. Helping to empower each individual in their own personal growth, understanding and mastery is where Adama finds great pleasure, interest, joy and fulfillment in his life.

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