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About Amorah Quan Yin | In Memory of Amorah Quan Yin | Dolphin Star Temple
Amorah Quan Yin was the founder of the Dolphin Star Temple. She was a teacher, a friend and an inspiration to many people across the earth. She ended this incarnation on June 13, 2013, and returned home to higher dimensions after a car accident on her beloved Mount Shasta. We are assured that “all is well‚” as she used to sing.

What Amorah has left for all of us, besides precious memories, is her work, her teachings and trainings that continue to inspire us to live in impeccability and in alignment with Divine Oneness. Starting in 1995, she brought the Pleiadian Lightwork onto this earth, a truly unique and holistic healing technique that has accelerated the spiritual growth of many people. Her techniques had led many of us to follow her example by becoming healers and teachers on our own — for her goal always was to bring us all back into our true spiritual mastery.

Dolphin Star Temple, a non-profit ministry and mystery school, continues to promote and distribute her books and CDs and coordinate a worldwide network of healers and practitioners of Amorah’s teachings and techniques.