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Full Sensory Perception (FSP) is a program for accelerating your spiritual growth and fulfillment. It is open to everyone who seeks to live in alignment with their Higher Self and to be in the consciousness of Oneness. FSP is the beginning program for everyone participating in the Dolphin Star Temple.

FSP courses are offered in many parts of the world. (See Trainings.) There are three levels to the courses, each of which can vary from 10 to 14 days in total length (depending on the local teacher), and they are often divided into several segments lasting a few days each. You can enroll for each level one-at-a-time and progress at your own pace. (FSP 1 & 2 are prerequisites to the PLI trainings.) There is also an Advanced FSP course that is sometimes offered.

In FSP classes you learn to open your full sensory perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. It is a path toward wholeness, Oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with the Divine and maintaining a connection with God/Goddess/All-That-Is. In FSP you learn self-help tools for releasing ego-identity and clearing what holds you back on your spiritual path. Class sessions include group meditations, spiritual teachings, and supervised healing work conducted in pairs.

FSP is for those seeking deep personal healing and clearing. It can be an experience that redirects your life toward your spiritual fulfillment and living in impeccability. It is also for those interested in learning the healing skills needed in order to be a healing practitioner or teacher.

Some of the subjects covered are:

  1. Going in and out of trance & setting space
  2. Kundalini Channel Clearing
  3. Accessing Akashic Records
  4. Using Chambers of Light
  5. Clearing Implants & Energy Blocks
  6. Reading and healing the 7 main Chakras
  7. Deprogramming Process
  8. Soul Fragment Retrieval
  9. Soul Matrix Clearing and Healing
  10. Inner Child
FSP 2:
  1. Reading and Healing Subconscious Aspects of 7 Chakras
  2. Healing Unconscious Out-of-body parts
  3. Subpersonality healing
  4. Reading and Healing Astral Body
  5. Self-Saboteur Process
  6. Depatterning/Repatterning Hands-on
  7. Reading and Healing Physical, Emotional, Etheric, Mental, Spiritual, Astral Bodies
  8. Soul Affinity Healing
  9. Clearing Black Magic
  10. Nervous System Trauma Healing
FSP 3:
  1. Reading and Healing Past Lives
  2. Clearing Telepathic, Clairaudient, Psychic, Genetic Channels
  3. Genetic Deprogramming
  4. Genetic Addiction Deprogramming
  5. Soul Recalibration
  6. Divine Plan Realignment
  7. Male/Female Full Body Reading
  8. Reading Original 8 Cells
  9. Healing Core Issues Holographically
  10. Healing Self Esteem in 7 Chakras

Contact a local practitioner/teacher for more information (including costs) if interested.

NOTE: Course topics, fees, and duration may vary from country to country and facilitator.