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What Is a Mystery School?

Excepted from Amorah Quan Yin

“A true mystery school is a spiritual system that can take an individual, wherever he/she is in present, through all of the steps to enlightenment and ascension. The word mystery does not mean elitism or secrecy. It means that the higher learnings and initiations are not revealed until the individual is properly prepared. It also means that the final stages of every path are truly a mystery that only the seeker can discover for him/herself, once the initiatic preparations have been completed. In other words, the final stage of awakening on everyone’s path comes through self-discovery.

Dolphin Star Temple is a mystery school system designed to assist participants toward full-body enlightenment, Christ consciousness, and ascension. In doing so, the intention is to glorify and sanctify human third-dimensional reality, by bringing it into full alignment with Divine Truth and Divine Love through all dimensions, not to run away from physical existence. The physical dimension is simply the place where spirits have an opportunity to experience life and its many circumstances, in a sequential manner through time and space. It is the place where higher-dimensional consciousness’s are grounded and experience one thing at a time. And it is the place in which all dimensions and aspects of consciousness can eventually meet and experience Oneness. Therefore, as a mystery school of ascension teachings, participants are encouraged to be life-affirming and to fully embody their Christed Selves. Life is a great gift to our Higher Selves, or Holy Spirits. When our identities return to Truth, we become who we really are, and are released from false identities and ego. Then we are free to exist in the Divine Flow of Oneness through all dimensions with God/Goddess/All That Is.

The Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School is one of several mystery school systems on the planet at this time. When you choose to become part of a mystery school system, that choice is intended to be made from a place of knowing inside that it is right for you. A mystery school system should not be chosen from a place of fear of missing out, giving power away to a teacher or system, or from guilt or shame. It should only be chosen from a place of knowing inside that this is what you are drawn to, that you are ready to do your inner work. The right system will evoke enthusiasm and an inner knowing that it is right for you. Whichever system you choose from that place is the best for you, but not necessarily for everyone. You must be ready to take responsibility for all actions in your lives, past, present, and future. It is your responsibility to come to any mystery school and its teacher/s with respect and honor of the gift that is being offered, but not from the standpoint of giving any teacher a guru-like responsibility for your life. You come to become a master being, not to be a follower of someone else and make that person your master. To be a true living Ascended Master, you must first master yourself.”

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