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  Guide to Namibian Crystals

Amorah Quan Yin felt a very special connection to these crystals from Namibia in southern Africa. She acquired the first samples from Tony Raw in Namibia and went into an altered state when the first one was placed in her hand. They are the most amazing, deeply activating crystals—very pure and alive. As Amorah said then, “They assist with cellular healing and many other personal needs. They are here to restore our DNA, genetics, and cellular structure. They both open us to our higher multidimensional self and connections to groups and source. They hold ascension encodings and much, much more.”

Amorah made an extensive guide to the attributes of these crystals that we offer here. The crystals available in our store are each described individually in terms of these attributes.

Attributes of Namibian Crystals by Amorah Quan Yin

Abundance Cross Phantom Super 7
Angelic Dendritic Portal Tabby
Ascension Dimentina Prehnite Timeline
Barnacle DNA Pyrite Tourmalinated
Bridge DOW Rainbow Twin Flame
Cathedral Elestial Record Keeper Window
Cellular Encoded Relationship Double Terminated
Chlorinated Enhydro Ruby Mother & Child
Citrine Harmonizer Rutilated Shrine
City of Light Key Scepter Amethyst
Clear Mentor Self-Heal Smoky
Isis Geometry

Additional Attributes of Namibian Crystals From Tony Raw


Abundance Crystals have one long crystal with many small crystals clustered around its base. The function is to attract prosperity and abundance but they also help in fighting depression, recharging energy levels and promoting good health.

Angelic Crystals carry a direct link to the angelic and Archangelic realms. They are recognized by the wispy milky white inner structure. Not all milky crystals are angelic. It is generally the wispiness and combination with a partly very transparent crystal that structurally identifies them. There is a feeling of peace, gentleness, and purity about these crystals although the angelic connection has many traits and qualities that are unique.

Ascension Crystals have a gentle but uplifting, rarefied quality about them. I find that they feel very uplifting – like the feeling that comes at the end of a challenging time when you know the trials are behind you and everything is going to be okay. They raise the holder’s vibration to rise above or ascend any issue to its higher potential. They directly work with assisting the body in letting go and aligning with spiritual healing and identity.

Barnacle Crystals have many smaller crystals covering a larger crystal. The large crystal is said to be the “old soul” whose wisdom attracts the younger souls/crystals. Barnacle crystals are said to be helpful with family or group dynamics, bringing harmony and trust to the family or group. They may be beneficial in a home or work environment. Improves the physical as well as the intellectual. A Barnacle is a type of cluster crystal.

Bridge Crystals have a smaller crystal growing out of a larger crystal, so that part of the smaller crystal is inside the larger and part is outside. Also referred to as a “penetration bridge” they help bridge between the inner and outer worlds, self and others, higher self and the ego. They facilitate a passing over of that which has been impassable. They are useful for communication, teaching, and public speaking. May be of interest to shamans and those who are interested in “journeying” and sharing new ideas.

Cathedrals seem to vary between holding connections to higher dimensional Cities of Light, inner Earth civilizations, memories of connections to ancient civilizations, and multidimensional travel vehicles. Some feel like holding a rocket or space ship in your hand moving through and beyond time and space. Others feel like the memory of the structuring and complexity of ancient civilizations, or even star systems. Others hold the initiation process.Regardless of what is structured within the cathedral crystal it always holds the blueprint of how each part relates to the whole. But it also contains the whole. The ones that hold the initiation process contain the sequential steps for anchoring each stage of initiation into one’s life, as well as anchoring through the dimensions. These crystals contain the blueprint of the completed process and all the steps for getting there. They have a unique physical structure that appears to have raised lines or a stair-step effect on the sides, and sometimes with the facets, of the crystal.

Cellular Crystals work on correcting mutation to the cellular structure, delivering more oxygen and life force to the cells. They also flush energies from the cells that have collected due to unhealthy diet, karma, emotional repression, and genetic deficiencies. These crystals feel very active and contain almost diamond-like sparkles internally.

Chlorinated Crystals contain green chlorine based minerals in splotches or phantoms. They are especially good for strengthening the immune system, and bringing balance and healing to past hurts, and sense of lack. They have some relationship to restoring one’s ability to have abundance, and deservingness.

Citrine is a type of quartz or silica dioxide. Natural citrine has trace quantities of iron that give it its yellowish color. Citrine is said to be beneficial in attracting abundance. Citrine also encourages sharing and has a joyful, uplifting, sunny quality to it. It helps to reverse self-destructive behavior and helps with emotional balance.

City of Light Crystals connect the holder directly to the higher-dimensional crystalline Cities of Light where the Ascended Masters and Archangels dwell. Connections to these Cities are often experienced by spiritual seekers at times of initiation. The inner structure of these crystals contain a specific crystalline structuring that is somewhat temple-like in its layers of crystalline walls that create a towering effect that affords the multi-dimensional anchoring.

Clear Quartz ranges from very clear optical crystals, to clear with diamond like inner structures, to varying amounts of milky inner structure, to complex inner faceting and unique structures. Some are cellular activators for light body connection in the cells. Some are anchors of higher-dimensional City of Light energies. Some restructure and reconnect the hologram. Other clear quartz have a more watery, feminine quality, and some, a very airy and refreshing feeling, while some feel angelic. It is impossible to give a single description to any of them.

Cross Crystals have one crystal at a right angle to another, forming a right angle or cross. They have a yin/yang aspect to them that can balance, stabilize and center. They can promote unity, understanding, harmony and acceptance. The two crystals may freely pursue their own growth, yet are still attached without limiting the others development. These crystals help develop understanding between spouses, as they help to create acceptance of different points of view, and peace, in a family unit of strong wills. Also called X crystals – they are used to balance masculine energies.

Dendritic Crystals have small fernlike structures as if a tiny plant had been entrapped inside the crystal. They are wonderful for the nervous and electrical systems, and reconnect dead circuitry in the brain, and between the soul and brain. They activate brain synapses and help clear erroneous neural pathways in the brain, restoring healthy brain/body communication and response mechanisms

Dimentina Crystals are wand-like in shape; thin and long. They are transmitters of higher-dimensional sound frequencies, aligning the soul’s essential nature with body consciousness. They can be used as laser wands for healing as well.

DNA Crystals transmute lower genetic and karmic DNA structure to align the DNA with your Higher Self and multidimensional hologram. Mutation to the DNA has accumulated in the human species for thousands of years through genetic experimentation in Atlantis, slavery and implants from Annunaki and other invading control forces, violent karma, etc. These crystals contain small inner crystalline formations that appear to be self-contained, somewhat template-like, and usually are quite sparkly.

DOW Crystals These crystals have at least one main facet with seven sides, with a triangular facets on the opposite facet of the crystal. Dows are channeling crystals-whether it be channeling higher-dimensional beings, your own higher self, or higher-dimensional energies for healing and activation. I also think of Dows as “sovereignty crystals”. They assist the holder in standing in spiritual authority and sovereignty.

Elestial Quartz is sometimes called other names like Skeleton or Crocodile Quartz. Elestial refers to a growth form of crystal that has variations, but once seen can more easily be identified. Skeleton and Crocodile both aptly describe many Elestials as they may look like a piece of Quartz’s skeleton or the skin of a crocodile. Many different healing properties are attributed to Elestials, often called “Master Healers.” They are said to help us recall and connect with the wisdom teachings of the ancient civilizations of Earth Caretakers.

Encoded or Etched Crystals appear to have some sort of hieroglyphics or cuneiform writing on a face or faces of the crystal. They can be used to facilitate contact and transference of information from ancient Egyptian civilizations as well as Lemuria and Atlantis. Used in meditation they can help access information of healing methods used throughout eons of time.

Enhydros: The definition of an enhydro crystal is a crystal that has entrapped water within its structure. In order to identify an enhydro crystal you have to be able to move the crystal and actually see the water move; whether it is ever so slightly, or a long track of movement. I have seen enhydro crystals that have tracks of movement up to 2″ long, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes angular, even in complete triangular tracks.

I have a Mary Magdalene Grail crystal that contains a pocket of water in which the water container inside it is almost a 1/2″ in diameter. Several of the Namibian enhydros have these large water pockets, which I call the Grail crystals. Others have such tiny water bubbles that you have to use a magnifying glass to see them. Most of them are easily visible, however. Enhydro crystals are the most exciting to me personally. They definitely work on restoring Divine Flow. In one crystal this Divine Flow might be for blood flow or other body-function. In another, the function might be to restore Divine Flow to the emotions, another for channeling, or another for tantric energy. Whatever type of Divine Flow the crystal is oriented toward, enhydros assist in that.

The other unique thing about enhydro crystals is that they are anchors and balancers for the Divine Feminine. All of the pure water sources on Earth anchor connection to the Divine Feminine, or Goddess, and to the Holy Mother very specifically. An enhydro crystal contains water that has been entrapped for at least hundreds of thousands of years and usually for millions of years. So in a really large crystal that contains a pocket of water you hold in your hand, the source of that divine connection is the equivalent of the Grail cup in its receptivity to the divine.

The Grail is a symbol of the empty cup that is receptive to, and filled by Holy Mother Goddess, and Holy Father God. The enhydro crystals hold water that has been held in purity and energized by the crystals for such a long time that if all the water sources on Earth were polluted the enhydros would be the only remaining connection to the Goddess. They help us live in receptivity to the divine. They help us remember what Divine Flow is, and hopefully to live in the purity of Divine Flow in every way.

If you have an enhydro crystal and you are fortunate to be the guardian of it for a time, ask it to help you remember how to live in Divine Flow. Ask it to anchor the energy of the Holy Grail and to help you be a receptive vessel to that which is Divine and to be so pure that, that which is not divine, which is illusion, cannot penetrate you.

Geometry: As we began to use the magnifying glass to examine the structure of these crystals, and define their attributes and functions, I began to notice a very peculiar kind of reflection on the facets of some of the crystals. Perhaps the crystal would look very clear at first glance; but when I turned the facets into the light so as to see the surface of the facet itself, I noticed groupings of straight lines that come together at a meeting point. The first one I saw had several sections in somewhat of a triangulated form that all met at a center point on one of the faces of the crystal. Within that was a set of geometric planes.

The voice of the deva of the crystal said, “These are sacred geometry crystals. They restore the sacred geometry within the human body, within the cellular structure, within the organs, within the hologram.” There is sacred geometry that continues within the aura beyond the body that allows us to connect into our higher-dimensional bodies and to connect to Source. So what I have discovered, in working with these crystals, is that there are many different kinds of sacred geometry. The most outstanding one I have seen is one that looks like two sides of the great pyramid and there is a complete holographic shape within it that is a perfect geometric pyramid structure. I have also seen ones that are the shape of a boomerang along with what looks like a shadow within the structure that gives it a holographic look-very angulated and geometric.

So the sacred geometry crystals help to clear the mutations in our geometric structure that have come from prolonged periods of contraction and holding back or imploding, rigidities within ourselves that have eventually mutated our cellular structures, that have mutated the I geometry that holds the cells of the organs and glands together. They have created, what I call, the “erector set structures” in our auras that erroneously sustain rigid constructs in our lives, attitudes, and ways of thinking, or overprotecting. The sacred geometry structures of these crystals assist in the break down of these mutated structures, and restore integrity to the geometric constructs that hold our bodies, auras and holograms together in form. These crystals are very wonderful gifts of grace-the grace that comes when restoration to the sixth-dimensional realm of sacred geometry is achieved.

Harmonizers are crystals that contain inner structures of platelets that are parallel to one another forming the look of thin sheets stacked up with a tiny space in between each one. They work with bringing harmony between sub-personalities, uniting dimensions or chakras to work together with complimentary, or even, identical purpose.

Isis Crystals are Goddess connectors and Earth guardians. When one or more facet of a crystal is shaped like a triangle with two extra small sides near the base of the facet, this is an Isis. These crystals anchor ancient connections to the protection and evolution of humans and Earth itself. They can contain spiritual and alchemical secrets of Earth’s history and evolution and align the holder with the harmonics of co-creating in the physical realm with the angels, devas, fairies, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. They have a deep feeling of reverence for and guardianship of all life and all evolutionary process, held in the loving and nurturing protection of the Goddess.

Key Crystals have at least one three or six sided indentation as the result of another smaller crystal point having grown into the crystal and then having released, leaving the indent or impression of the terminated point. Purported to “unlock” doors or areas that are more illusive in one’s growth. Also used to access ones ability to uncover hidden areas of higher-self knowledge.

Mentor Crystals have a larger point that has several smaller crystals clustered around it. The mentor is the spiritual teacher that attracts the students or followers. These crystals are said to assist in teaching and the sharing of knowledge. They may help in accessing the Akashic Records.

Phantoms: Up until the Namibian crystals arrived into my life I pretty much defined the phantom crystal as a clear quartz or smoky crystal with chlorite, which is a green mineral. During the development of the crystal the chlorite had formed around the facets of the crystal and then the crystal had continued growing around it leaving a phantom shape of the crystal within the crystal – sometimes one, sometimes dozens of them within a single crystal.

There are also crystals that are clear quartz with a white phantoming of a crystalline type structure as if somehow the crystal itself had formed little crystalline sparkles of white around the shape of the facet and then as the quartz continued to grow around it, it left a phantom of the old crystal shape within the new. I have also seen amethyst crystals that have varying shades of purple within the amethyst, also creating this same kind of phantom effect.

However, the first Namibian crystal that was placed in my hand introduced me to a new kind of phantom that I did not even know existed prior to that time. It was a brilliant optically clear quartz crystal and inside it was a brilliant clear purple amethyst phantom that occupied about 2/3rds of the inner structure of the crystal in layers of color. As I continued to be introduced to the Namibian crystals, I found that probably 90% of the crystals are phantoms. Yet the definition of phantoms has become a little different for Namibian crystals because the phantoming does not always hold the shape of the preexisting crystal in its developing stages. For instance, I find that in some of the wand shape crystals that are very clear there might be a place in it in which there is a wispy phantom of amethyst or smoky quartz; but it might be just a wisp or cloud-like formation that does not necessarily hold the full shape of the old crystal. It is just a streak of this other color that is almost phantom-like within the basic nature of the clear quartz.

The other thing that exists in large percentages of the Namibian crystals is smoky and amethyst occurring within the same crystal. In these beautiful and rare stones phantom patterning occurs within the two types of quartz while both smoky and amethyst often occur inside a clear quartz crystal-sometimes in the shape of a crystal sometimes not. There is something very strikingly beautiful and exciting about these crystals. First of all they are unlike anything I have ever seen before and everyone I know says they are unlike anything they have seen before. The feeling of them is that you are holding something that has a kind of a wholeness, depth and ancientness that is beyond anything that has been in physical form until this time.

By definition, smoky quartz is considered very grounding, while amethyst is considered much more spiritually transformative, and spiritually deepening and uplifting. The Violet Ray is the ray of alchemy. It transmutes energies from lower vibrational frequency up to their highest spiritual potential, or highest vibrational frequency. Amethyst can be used for doing this transformation, this alchemical process with the emotional body, the mental, the physical, with the etheric, and with all levels of consciousness.

When you put smoky and amethyst together what you get is the amethyst deeply penetrating and raising the vibration and the smoky being used to then ground the higher-dimensional energies into that space that has been opened. The clear quartz is like a temple that contains it all. It is like the hologram of the human that goes beyond the body. Amethyst and smoky work together to heal, clear, transmute and anchor the Divine Self into the physical body.

The understanding gained from the expanding and anchoring attributes of phantom crystals is that each phantom represents the equivalent of the container of a lifetime’s worth of experience. So, if you have a phantom crystal that has four or five phantoms it could contain four or five lifetimes worth of experience. Phantom crystals from Namibia have brought new meaning that goes beyond past lifetime information. These phantoms reach out into the human hologram itself and restructure connection through the dimensions, pulling together aspects of yourself that have become fragmented in other lifetimes back into holistic alignment. Some of the phantoms hold shrines to multidimensional Light Beings and connections to City of Light inner sanctuaries as well.

Smoky Quartz is, of course, grounding, but in Namibians they also seem to lighten one’s perspective into a kind of roundedness that emerges from feeling clear, present in the Now, and able to trust the bigger picture. Great for anchoring Higher Self, or Higher-dimensional energies into the body, many of these crystals also have strong connections to the subterranean cultures and subterranean Cities of Light.

Amethyst: Amethyst Quartz vary enormously from deep rich colors ranging from periwinkle to true purple to orchid. Some are wispy, and pale lavender in color; and very spiritually lightening, and gently, alchemically uplifting and awakening. Some are very deeply penetrating and healing, bringing spirit in with great depth and purposefulness. Amethyst, in general, is the crystalline anchor of the violet ray of transmutation and alchemy. It raises everything to its highest spiritual frequency. The darker amethyst tend to bring about deep cellular healing and transmutation, and deepening of spirit-connection to body consciousness. Some of the amethyst phantoms in clear quartz hold direct connection to inner Earth sanctuaries such as the Ascended Masters Retreat inside Mt. Shasta. Others seem to hold connection to the subaquatic City of Light at Lake Titicaca and other sacred sites on Earth.

Portal Crystals have a very unique outer appearance. On the facets there are layers of cutaway crystal that form doorways. They appear to have originally had layers of water between very thin layers of crystal, which broke away when the ice froze, leaving this unique form. These crystals hold portals into the higher-dimensions, star systems, and inner Earth sanctuaries and civilizations. The first one that was placed in my hand drew in the Egyptian being Anubis. He is always depicted as the black canine figure who guards the dead and determines which higher-dimensional portals they are allowed to enter based on their level of spiritual attainment prior to death. He also guards the portals for initiates, assuring that no one enters a realm for which they have not been adequately prepared for. Anubis asked me to anchor him as the guardian of the portal crystals so he could serve that function. There are other guardians as well. The main focus with a portal crystal is to ask that any higher-dimensional portals or star gates that are appropriate for you to enter be opened to you. Ask for a Light Being to serve as your guide and escort into these realms.

Prehnite: There is a new mineral called “Prehnite” which is light green. It is sometimes found growing on the Quartz Namibian Crystals. It is a peaceful and harmonizing stone for the heart and third chakras. When I hold it I feel calmed and a deeper sense of acceptance in my heart, which allows more openness. It is also said to be a good stone for channeling and receiving higher dimensional love. The best stone I have found for soul connection.

Pyrite golden flecks that look very similar to gold hold a frequency of the Earth’s magnetic core, making this mineral good for grounding, while the gold strengthens and brings expansion of spirit within the body. It assists in bringing the type of confidence that comes from feeling strong, centered, and present. Also, Pyrite is good for building and sustaining prosperity consciousness.

Rainbow Crystals have internal fractures in the quartz and create a prismatic rainbow effect. The rainbow shows us the mystery of white light being separated into the seven colors, or full spectrum of color, so that the crystal can be used in healing any or all of the chakras. The fracture is caused by a stress or violence, but instead of seeing imperfection we see the beauty of the rainbow, so rainbow quartz can be said to show us the positive that may result from suffering.

Record Keepers contain Akashic Records. On the facets on the terminated end of the crystal you sometimes find little triangles within the facet. Each one contains a full Akashic Records connection for whatever level of info or memory it holds. Sometimes Record Keepers are preprogrammed connectors to your future Divine Plan in its completeness on some level. For example a record could contain the distillation of everything you have ever learned about true loyalty in friendship, or how to move your sexual energy tantrically, or a past life learning about how to love your inner child. Record Keepers can contain info about a whole lifetime, or just one specific aspect of that lifetime’s experience. They are definitely teaching crystals and used for activating soul memory, learning, or connection to Divine Mind. Possibilities are endless.

Relationship Crystals These crystals have two faceted ends that adjoin one another on the same end of the crystal. They work to bring the balance of wholeness to the two individual parts and then to harmonize them in rapport with one another. The two parts each have distinct function that when put together form a greater wholeness: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Resolution of duality into unity in diversity and Oneness is another way of expressing the unique gift these beautiful crystals offer.

Ruby is the actual mineral/gem in these crystals. Mostly the pink-red to mauve ruby content is opaque and rockier than the gem quality ruby. It is very grounding, healing, and strengthening, while softening the heart. Ruby also brings a sense of generosity, self-worth, and deservingness.

Rutilated: Rutile appears in rutilated crystals as golden, medium to dark brown, or golden-brown hair-like strands internally. Rutilated crystals heal tears in the aura and etheric body and chakras and offer more ability to radiate your light outwardly, versus dissipation or implosion. They are great for healing damage from drugs, computers, radar, and electricity. As we learn to radiate instead of contract, spirit can anchor more deeply in the body, bringing a greater sense of personal strength, and psychic protection.

Scepters look like a faceted crystal, which instead of having straight flat sides and a broken off bottom, angles inward near the bottom forming a stem on the crystal. Like a scepter held by a sovereign ruler, these unique crystals hold the energy of delegating, authority, dominion, and directing of power. The energy gets focused in a more direct and “absolute” manner than in other crystal forms.

Self-Healed Crystals stimulate self-healing and assist in the process of reclamation of wholeness in a sequential manner. When one has become fragmented or feels confused and lost, these crystals can help you reorient to taking whatever the next step to self-restoration might be. They look like a crystal that has had one faceted end and one broken off end. The broken end will have sealed itself so that it no longer looks like a rough broken end. Some of these crystals appear to have almost scale-like faceting over the break, while others simply have a smooth, glazed and sealed appearance.

Super 7: There are varying opinions as to what actually defines Super 7 crystals. The definition I will use is this: a crystal containing any mixture of clear, amethyst, smoky, and citrine, combined with mineral content of any combination of cacoxinite, dendrite, rutile, tourmaline, pyrite, chlorite, ruby, zoisite, or others. Cacoxinite and rutile are two of the minerals always contained in these crystals. Super 7 crystals contain at least seven different minerals and types of quartz in combination. They are truly holistic in nature working on the physical/etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, astral and higher-dimensional bodies. They unify cooperation between chakras. They balance electrical, neurological, glandular and organ systems and create overall cooperation, balance and harmony. In the process of this restoration, they can feel a little chaotic but always bring resolution fairly quickly as long as the individual is not in resistance.

Tabby (Tabular) Crystals are thinner in one direction than in the other, the full length of the crystal. They work with harmonizing, healing and bringing about communication between two people or two groups. They can also help with rectifying split personality disorders.

Timeline Crystals/(Regression or Timelink) help you access your information past, present, and future and will take you into those dimensions to help you get whatever is needed for your healing. These crystals have a left leaning parallelogram window, like a step on the crystal that helps you access past life information.

Tourmalinated Crystals: Tourmaline crystals or fragments are contained inside or attached on the outside of some quartz, and aquamarine. The tourmaline can be any color that is natural to tourmaline. However, in most of the Namibian Crystals it is either black or green. Tourmalines never need psychic clearing. In general, deeply penetrating and healing for the nervous system connection to the emotional body memories. Black Tourmaline is great for deep healing of neurological pain and clearing negativity. It is also one of the best psychic protectors for low frequency, negative invasive energies. Green Tourmaline inspires the balanced and tempered expression of the heart’s love and compassion. It assists one in cutting thought and clearing emotional pain and confusion. Soothing, balancing, rejuvenating in times of emotional transition, exhaustion, or stress. Basically influences pituitary gland, nervous system, endocrine system, heart and Solar Plexus, (emotional), Chakra.

Twin Flame Crystals are easily identified as their physical signature tells the whole story of their function. On one end they have two faceted points, while the other, double-terminated end, has a single faceted crystalline form. In this time on Earth, twin flames of the soul are being drawn together, often into a single body. Higher-dimensional twin flames are coming together to reconcile differences and find sacred union. And this is what these crystals teach and emulate. These crystals are wonderful for uniting your inner male and female selves and for drawing to you, or harmonizing with your twin flame.

Window Crystals: One facet of the crystal must have a relatively diamond-shaped facet, which is what defines a window crystal. Imagine a clean window through which you can look into a different reality, or see something from a different perspective, or lens. This defines the nature of a window crystal. Great for people with rigid viewpoints, or anyone who needs to see life or aspects of reality from a fresh viewpoint. They can be windows into other time frames and other dimensional realities as well.

Double Terminated Crystals hold completion and wholeness that includes polarity as wholeness. They are great for finding a sense of wholeness in one’s self or of the ability to complete goals and projects. They are totally faceted on both ends, with no broken end.

Mother and Child: A large crystal with a smaller one closely attached, the Mother and Child crystal formation promotes nurturing and mothering of all kinds. It can be used for conception or creative projects. These crystals can also be used for healing the inner child and reconnecting to the innocent joy of childhood.

Shrines hold direct connections to the Light Beings who were at one time called the Race of Giants. Each one reconnects you to those Master Beings and helps you sit in the shrine of your own I Am Presence in sacredness, remembrance, and dignity.


From Tony Raw:

Enflamed Crystals: Recently limited numbers and very special amethyst crystals have appeared in which at the centre is a vertical candle. This has a flame shape at the crystal top or apex. These amethyst enflamed crystals are violet flame transmuters.

Hierarchical: This as a generic term to describe crystals holding the energy of hierarchy at their inception seeding some 325,000 years ago. Amorah has a St Germaine channelling that says: “at the time in which the (Namibian) crystals on the table were seeded with the Divine Plan for this particular time and space on Earth over 325,000 years ago.”