Breaking Bubbles and Awakening Oneness


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In the tradition of Amorah Quan Yin, a fresh and moving new perspective on your healing and spiritual evolution!

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Breaking Bubbles and Awakening Oneness

By Gary Kendall, illustrations by Ingrid Maria Ericsson

‘How can I expand and deepen my spiritual life? I need new openings to free myself from what is stuck in my life, and I need a vision of where my spiritual life is heading.’ 

This is a favorable time for fresh insights and new perspectives—a time to revitalize your spirituality for the transformational world that you live in today. At the heart of Breaking Bubbles are stories about the healings of people who have found a way to break through the persistent obstacles in their lives and to enter into a different relationship with their identity and their spiritual life. This book inspires the kind of insights and experiences that will take you to a place of greater clarity and optimism on your spiritual path.

Awakening Oneness is the single most profound insight that you can ever come to—the thing that can most profoundly transform your sense of yourself and the world around you. You are Oneness, but it is as if your consciousness were held within a bubble, and this bubble keeps you focused in a pattern of separateness that has become the limited reality you experience. The limiting effect of being within bubbles hides their very existence and holds you in separation from Oneness.

Breaking your bubbles illuminates the landscape ahead of you in a new way, making visible the potential paths you have not yet imagined. By breaking your limiting bubbles, you discover yourself in a place of freedom from what used to be your compulsions and your fears—and ultimately you experience your awakening in the New Earth and Unity consciousness.

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