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Pilgrimage to Egypt
Coming Back to Oneness!
October 15-26, 2018
Join Gary Kendall for a workshop along the Nile and a spiritual pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt’s most sacred temples. We follow in the footsteps of Amorah Quan Yin’s pilgrimage to Egypt in 2002.

 Workshop with Gary Kendall

This is the time of awakening Oneness. In this pilgrimage we return to the ancient temples to empower our next stage of evolution and to give birth to a new level of consciousness.

In the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools, the Nile represented the tube of light that runs along the spine of a human being. The river is a metaphor for the flow of consciousness from its base in the Earth to its opening in the sea. Our pilgrimage along the Nile is also a journey of consciousness. And as the Nile once brought rebirth with its flood each year, we journey to bring rebirth of ourselves as the people of a new Golden Age. And as Ra once ruled in the Golden Age of Egypt’s prehistory, we must be governed by our own divine nature.

We will follow the ancient path of the initiate into the Mystery School’s higher wisdom. Along the Nile we visit the temples that hold qualities of consciousness associated with the chakras. We will visit: Aswan—the root chakra; Kom Ombo and Edfu—the sacral chakra; Karnack [Luxor]—the solar plexus chakra; Abydos—the heart chakra; Sakkara—the throat chakra; and the culmination comes with private time in the Great Pyramid, the Third-Eye chakra. The initiate’s process is a rebirth—to be reborn in the consciousness of Oneness. This is an opportunity for awakening your true, divine self.

Travel arrangements

Travel arrangement are handled by Guardian Travel, founded by Ahmed A. Fayed (the famed guide for Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and others). Ahmed Fayed’s metaphysical approach to Egypt is now carried on by Abdullah Nazer, who will serve as our guide throughout the entire trip.

Arranging Flights: It is recommended that you arrive in Cairo on October 14th, especially for North American travelers. Europeans can arrive early on October 15th. If you want help booking flights, please contact Guardian Travel:

Mohammed Fayed
US Phones: 757-417-7458 Office; 757-339-6746 Cell
US Address: 526 Redbird Court, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451
Egyptian cell: +2010-0173-0045


$4,470 if paid by Credit Card or PayPal, and $4,300 if paid by direct bank transfer. This is based on a double occupancy. For an additional $750 you can reserve a single room. The price includes the meals listed in the itinerary (excluding drinks), visa fees, and a camel ride in Giza.

To pay by credit card or PayPal click HERE. To pay by direct bank transfer:

Swift codes for direct bank transfers are: for US transactions – WFBIUS6S; Foreign transactions –  WFBIUS6WFFX, 
The routing number: 121135045;account number 268006552.
Be sure to include your name as message to recipient. 

A deposit of $800 is required to guarantee your place on the trip. This deposit is non-returnable.

Itinerary: Our sacred pilgrimage through Egypt

Meals included in the package price are listed after each day.
On your arrival, you will be met by the Guardian Travel agency at Cairo airport. They will assist with immigration, passport control, luggage claim, and customs. You will then be taken to Le Meridian Pyramids Hotel with a view of the Great Pyramid.
Oct. 15  In the evening, we enjoy dinner on the roof of the Guardian Guest House overlooking the Giza plateau. After dark we watch the Giza Sound and Light Show.
Oct. 16 We take an early flight to Aswan followed by check-in at the Movenpick Aswan Hotel. Aswan is the place of rebirth. In ancient times it was associated with the Nile’s flood that brought the regeneration of life. Aswan is also associated with Khnum, the ram-headed god of creation who sits on the potter’s wheel and creates human beings out of water and clay. A typical Felucca (Nile sailboat) will take us across to the Elephantine Island where the Temple Khnum reveals its many layers of ancient shrines built one upon the other. It is said that the Arc of the Covenant was hidden here on its journey south. We also will visit the Isis Temple on the island of Philea. The temple is known as the birthplace of Horus and is dedicated to Goddess Isis and the divine feminine.
Breakfast, Dinner
Oct. 17 Workshop with Gary Kendall. It is here at the head of the Nile that we begin our process of rebirth and awakening to Oneness. We release our old selves and our old identification with the past. We embrace the new Golden Age. We give birth to our true selves anchored in the consciousness of the new era.

In the evening we visit the Nubian village restaurant for dinner.
Breakfast, Dinner

Oct. 18 Continued workshop.The evening will be our time to visit the market in Aswan where every merchant practices the art of bartering for their fabrics, shawls and spices.
Oct. 19 Check-in for our Nile cruise. We continue our workshop with Gary in the afternoon as we travel down the Nile. We release our deepest limitations in order to let our consciousness rise to a new level.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Oct. 20 Sail to the temple of Komombo, a double temple dedicated to the gods Horus the Elder and Sobek. This temple is the only temple that has two altars and is focused on duality—higher self and lower self, conscious and unconscious. Moving between the two altars you can experience the dualities within yourself. In Egyptian mystery school teachings, balance is necessary before higher consciousness can emerge.

We stop by Edfu where we engage the struggle between chaos and order represented in the relationships of Osirus, Set, and Horus. We visit the ancient Horus temple, one of the best preserved. The pillars and the columns show pictures of how the pharaohs spoke to the gods. The altar in the Holy of Holies is very impressive and powerful.

On our way toward Luxor we pass the spectacular Nile boat locks and admire the extraordinary landscape along the Nile.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Oct. 21 It is time to visit the Valley of the Kings, which among others includes Tutankhamen’s tomb. This tomb has been protected from grave robbers and Tutankhamen is the only Pharaoh whose body is still in the tomb. The actual contents of the tomb are gathered in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. We visit Habu Temple & Memnon Colossi. In the afternoon visit Karnak temple.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Oct. 22 Check out from Nile Cruise and check in to Jolie Ville Luxor hotel.

Workshop with Gary on the banks of the Nile in the afternoon.
Breakfast, Dinner

Oct. 23 From Luxor we go by bus to Abydos where we find two interesting temples—those of Seti I and Ramses II. Abydos is one of the oldest centers of civilization in Egypt. The holy geometry of the site is represented in the Flower of Life carved on the walls. It is said that the god Osiris was buried here.

On our way back we stop at the Hathor temple at Dendera, an exceptionally well-preserved site. Our guide will tell us about the ancient astrological chart on the ceiling. It is believed that the original was brought from Atlantis and preserved at this site.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Oct. 24 We will take a flight to Cairo and visit the Egyptian Museum, the world’s largest collection of relics from the tombs of the pharaohs including Tutankhamen. We will also see the statue of Akhaton, the Pharaoh who introduced the concept of one god. Later on we can relax and enjoy the famous Khan El Kalili bazaar.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Oct. 25

After breakfast we are off to Sakkara to visit the Zoser’s Step Pyramid, the oldest pyramid in Egypt and the place where Zoser’s Mystery School once flourished. This pyramid is the center of a complex of temples, columns and open squares designed by the genius Imhotep. We will stand by the same columns where students were once questioned by the high priests. We have the opportunity to receive questions from our higher selves.

In the afternoon we visit the Giza plateau with the three main pyramids and the Sphinx. We will have private time in the Great Pyramid. In the Queen’s Chamber, the Chamber of Regeneration, we can experience the initiate’s practice of removing the barrier between the conscious and the unconscious in individual meditations. Continuing up to the Grand Gallery and into the King’s Chamber, the Chamber of Resurrection, we enter the center of the pyramid’s great energies. Within this sacred chamber lies an immense granite sarcophagus where in the days of the mystery schools the initiates lay in trance for three days. You will have the opportunity to experience the higher dimensional vision and knowledge known to the initiates and the high priests.

In the evening we have a farewell dinner.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

Oct. 26 Travel to Cairo airport for final departure. Assistance with luggage and departure procedures.